CYBERCENTER - Cyber Security Center

Welcome to CYBERCENTER - Cyber Security Center.

Our goals

  • Our goals are based on the needs of modern society dependent on information and communication technologies. From the need to search for, motivate and prepare young people with an interest in cyber security and cyber defense and to provide lifelong learning and support to people working in the field of cyber security.
  • Our goals are mainly:
  • »General awareness in the field of cyber security and cyber defense;
  • »Mutual, broad cooperation between non-profit organizations, public administration, business entities and academia;
  • »Support for young talents and students interested in cyber security and cyber defense, through education, skills development;
  • »Defining the profile of security experts and their lifelong learning;
  • »Extensive cooperation with foreign entities dealing with the same issues;
  • »Enforcement of security and interoperability standards for monitoring and notification systems;
  • »Enforcing and supporting the legislative enshrinement of security standards;
  • »Preparation of scenarios of critical situations and provision of modeling and simulation systems;
  • »Regular organization of informative seminars for professionals and the general public.

Our and supported projects


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